It’s Christmas Cookie Time with a Candy Cane Twist

So I started you off yesterday with 2 favourite cookies of mine that are of medium difficulty (that really depends on your skill 🙂 ) If you are a seasoned baker you could whip up the Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookie and the Cranberry White Chocolate Shortbread in no time at all !

I love the combination of chocolate and mint so much so that sometimes I overdo it.  I intentionally buy candy canes just to use them as stir sticks for hot chocolate…I no longer put candy canes on my christmas tree so that my kids don’t eat them and I can use them for cookie/dessert toppings…I have been known to purchase large amounts of candy canes the days and even weeks following christmas 🙂  Candy cane obsessed!!  So it would be no surprise to hear that every year I make some type of candy cane inspired cookie.  My list last year had 2 cookies that contained that sweet pepperminty confection.

I absolutely love the Candy Cane Chocolate Truffle Cookies and Candy Cane Kiss Cookies and they are simple to make.  I hand out cookies to my friends, family and neighbours as gifts and I have to admit that sometimes I don’t put a lot of them in the boxes so that there is more for us at home 😉 … yes… there is a little guilt, after all I did make them to give away but the solution is to just make more.

So let’s go, put on that apron and get baking!  Let me know how it turns out………….

……’re still here!!  Hurry up, there is no time to lose… just a few days left until christmas sXmas_wreath_100-102




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