Donut Birthday Cake

I have been AWOL for a little while within the last few weeks I had a virus that lasted 5 weeks (so bad!!) and my youngest son was bitten by a dog, owners cannot be located (he will be getting his second round of rabies vaccinations tomorrow…also very bad!!)  I am now back at it again.  Lots of cooking has happened amidst all of the business so I do have many recipes to add here.  Also I will be posting more of my Menu Plans for download so keep look out for those ;-).


My daughter had her 11th birthday a few weeks ago and my oven was non functional!  What does a mom do when there are 5 girls coming for a birthday sleepover and no way to make a cake! I mean…what does a mother do…who doesn’t like store-bought cake…do when her oven is out for her daughter’s birthday party.  I ‘ll tell you what, she looks for alternatives and I did and I found several pins on the doughnut birthday cake.  I ran it by my daughter and she loved the idea of doing something different, so much so she went ahead and told her party friend attendees that this is what was happening!  Mama is on the hook now!

I found a simple recipe over at the Coupon Challenge that I felt was foolproof and it was very easy to follow, I definitely recommend it.  I made the donuts fresh that morning and glazed in the afternoon, just in time for the party girls to arrive :-).  Follow the link above to make the recipe and check out these pictures to see how wonderful they came out!

My daughter is an eclectic, artsy type so I tried to decorate the donuts to match her personality!  I made the glaze pink by adding 3 tsp of strawberry jello powder.  Also, I used crushed green and red lifesaver candies and various candy sprinkles to decorate.


If you are looking for a simple alternative to the traditional birthday cake I highly recommend giving the doughnut cake  a try!  And if you don’t have time to  make the donuts yourself well… this recipe just got even easier ;-).


Until next time.




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