Introduction to Deliciously Simple Meal Planning

I enjoy making and creating meals!  I also enjoy organizing!  Apparently, according to the quiz from Chris Guillebeau’s new book “Born For This” I am a Dynamic Organizer.  Put those two things together and you get someone who loves to plan and organize meals (well that’s what I get 🙂 ).  Can I call this one of my strengths OH YEAH!  I am one of those people that has a hard time figuring out what it is I do well.  I am kinda a jack of all trades, master of none.  As soon as the quiz was done and it gave me the label of Dynamic Organizer I was like YES!  That’s exactly what I am (I literally said yes and did a fist pump ✊).

I have to admit the one thing in particular that I do really well and have been doing for several years for myself and my family is MEAL PLANNING!  The process takes me about an hour from start to finish, you may think that’s a lot of time to devote to weekly meal planning but I know that it has actually saved our family hundreds of dollars over the past few years!  My meal plan includes the meals that will be made for breakfast and dinner in addition to a grocery list section, this helps me to quickly move through the grocery store getting what I need, not what I want or think 🤔 we may need.

One of the things that makes the task easier is having a collection of fast and easy recipes to make, some are my own and some from perusing recipes online of other bloggers and Pinterest.  There is an endless supply of quick, easy and delicious recipes online so you are bound to find something that works for you and your family.  Many food bloggers now have cookbooks some of my favourite bloggers and websites that have some great recipes are:

Recipe Rebel

Damn Delicious

Recipe Girl

Just to name a few.  I have recently upgraded my system, here is a glimpse of my old system and the printable that I used to use is from Happy Go Lucky. I started using this one when the ones I was purchasing from my local stationery store were discontinued.  I was very happy to find this, but after using for a few years I needed something different that accommodates all my penciled in modifications :-).  You will be introduced to that new sheet on Monday.


It is so easy to get inspired and develop a system and make it a part of your life so that you can eat well all week long!!  I am not suggesting that eating out once in awhile is a bad thing!  Of course not because even an avid meal planner like myself needs a break once every so often, but I do write it in as part of my plan for that week (I will even add where I will be picking up that meal and the budget).  I believe that meal planning ensures that you are making meals more often than not, which will save you time, money and ensures that you eat well balanced meals.

If meal planning is not your thing and you have no idea where would find the time to actually plan out a week’s worth of meals for you and your family, then stay tuned… I have a gift coming your way!

Check out my blog on September 26th where I will be offering free downloadable pre-planned meal planners/grocery lists!!  All that is required of you is to download, print and hang it on your fridge!

Come back in a few days to get your free meal planners!  😀

Until next time.


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