Cheesecake Topped Carrot Cake

I have this issue with food, I DON’T LIKE WASTING IT! So whenever I have too much of a particular food item or find out that I purchased too much of something because it was on sale and I succumbed to the trickery of the grocery store!  I open up my laptop and start trolling for recipes that include that particular item (sometimes its several items like strawberries, bananas and sweet potatoes so I can use them all up at once…yes I am clever 😉  ).  I had purchased some carrots on sale and there is only so many ways you can eat carrots before the family starts to get bored with them.  Thus the story of how I ended up making this cake. I myself am not a fan of carrot cake…well… the traditional kind anyway, and with a nut allergy it just doesn’t work for me, but I needed to use up these carrots and this recipe at Kraft, sounded yummy. I didn’t have as much cream cheese as they call for in the recipe so mine ended up a little more cakey? (yes..that’s a professional chef term… I suppose I could have said cakier, which…btw… is also a professional term, anyway I digress).

I won’t add the recipe separately in this post as I followed it exactly, except for the amount of cream cheese.  Just click on the link above.

I can’t help but think of all the ways I could embellish this recipe… I have ideas about adding ginger for some pep or spicing up the cream cheese…somehow…still thinking about that one, but that’s another separate post… perhaps ;-).

I really enjoyed the taste and texture of this cake despite it being a carrot based dessert. The cream cheese, even thought it is swirled on top of the cake, takes the place of icing.  Also, this cake is great as a snacking cake that the kids can take it to school and when the school lunch police complain about the unbalanced lunch, you can be smug in letting them know that it counts towards their daily vegetables!

Until next time.

P.S. Also, a great recipe for those vegetable gardeners who are looking for ways to use up all those extra carrots from the backyard! No need to give them all away.


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