10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies – Day 7

Day-7 Bake and Slice Chocolate Swirls

Chocolate swirl cookies 004

Today’s featured cookie of the day (I was supposed to use that term on a regular basis…oops).  Anyway, today’s cookie is a BIG favourite of mine!!  Neat small swirls of chocolatey goodness 😀 .

This is another Recipe Girl recipe, that Girl (capital G) really knows what she is doing.  I was able to complete this recipe from beginning to end in 1 hour as my oven runs hot and I only baked them for 20 mins., which was more than enough time.

I have linked the recipe here.  Again, this recipe needs no adjustments it is great as is, but I do have a few tips:


  1. I do suggest that you divide your very flaky dough into 3 right away and work each third well in a ziploc bag so that it binds well.
  2. Have a measuring tape or ruler handy as it matters that your rectangle be 10×6-inch.
  3. When you are spreading your chocolate mixture on your dough ensure that you go right to the edges with it.

Those are my tips and there is the cookie for the day!  Try it let me know that you did.

Until tomorrow…


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