10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies-Day 5

Day 5 – Jello Pastel Cookies

Jello Pastel Cookies 009

When I think of pastels I tend to think Easter, but despite the pastel colours these cookies work well for Christmas and… drumroll please…..they are easy to make.

Jello Pastel Cookies 002

I have made these several times and they are very easy.  My 7 year old son and I made 6 dozen today in 1 1/2 hrs.  He usually doesn’t like to help baking but it was just he and I home today (a rarity in my house) and he enjoyed adding the ingredients while I blended and he also enjoyed sprinkling the jello on top of the cookies.

You will find the recipe here.  These are very tasty and decorative.  The jello sprinkled on top gives the finished cookies colour and sparkle.  No substitutions except using margarine again (of course) and the cookies came out great!


  1. If you like a chewier cookie bake for only 6-7 mins.
  2. sprinkle way  more jello on the cookies than you feel is enough otherwise you lose the sparkle effect, you shouldn’t have any leftover.  The first couple of times and made them that was the case, this time around my heavy handed son showed me how it’s done.
  3. After flattening the first cookie dip the bottom of your glass into the jello powder, this will keep the cookies from sticking to it.

Let me know how you like this one.  It is easy, breezy, strawberry and limey squeezy.  I know that was horrible 🙂 , still working on clever catchphrases.

Untill tomorrow…





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