10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies – Day 4

Day 4-Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Here we are at day 4!  Yaaay.  I hope you have enjoyed my cookie choices so far.  Today’s cookie is another variation of the combo of mint and chocolate.  These cookies are  a creation from Recipe Girl.  I have been following her blog for about 5 years now and it will probably be another 25 before I get through all her recipes!  She is a true recipe genius.  This particular recipe has been pinned over 50k times!!  What!  Very impressed and that should tell you something about it.  Also, these are very freezer friendly.  Here is the recipe.

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies 004


I did not tweak it because this recipe is great as is, but I do have a few suggestions.


  1. I purchased the Candy Kisses at the bulk store.  I suggest you do the same, if possible, that way you can purchase just the amount you need.  I ended up with 31 cookies (yes, so happy I was able to make more than the recipe 🙂 ).  I used another 15 for chopping and mixing in.
  2. Do all you prep work first.  Unwrap all your chocolates and place in a bowl and chop up your mix in chocolates.
  3. Once again I substituted  margarine for the butter, it’s a milk product thang!
  4. Pre-prep an area in your freezer for the cookies as you won’t have time afterward as those babies start melting fast.

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies 002

Easy pepperminty goodness!

Until tomorrow…




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