10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies – Day 3

Day 3 – Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Orange cookies 004

Another wonderful combo.  I love dipping orange wedges in chocolate fondue!  These cookies have only 5 ingredients and are easy to whip up, but they do take a little finesse to make and shape them….getting a little ahead of myself here.  Let me link you to the recipe and then I will provide you with my tips and tricks to help you out.

I first made this recipe several years ago one Christmas because 1. it took up very little time and 2. it wasn’t ingredient heavy.  Then I had a difficult time finding the chocolate orange (I think I waited and everywhere I went they were sold out. Who would have thought they were that popular?)  This year a found them at Walmart and purchased before they were all gone, yes, I know what your thinking, I am smart…forward thinking…incredibly attrac… okay, enough already, I’m blushing.

Here is the link to Terry’s Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies  I notice that this recipe differs slightly from the one I have in my 10 year old beat up magazine.  This one has margarine as the first ingredient and my recipe calls for butter, either will do as I have used both and I get similar results.


  1. This recipe calls for  1/2 cup of superfine sugar, not enough to warrant purchasing a box.  What I did was put regular granulated sugar into the blender for a few seconds.  Voila! Superfine sugar.  Do not overdo it or you will end up with powdered sugar.
  2. The recipe calls for orange zest but does not tell you when to put it into the mix.  I added it with the flour while blending.
  3. Okay, so it ain’t easy (excuse my vernacular :-)) putting these cookies together and making sure the chocolate stays inside!  I don’t suggest doing it the way it is outlined in the recipe.  Here is what I did:
    • Make sure to make all 20 balls and lay them on your cookie sheets first.
    • Take 1 ball at a time place on your palm and with the other hand flatten it like a pancake.
    • place the halved chocolate in the middle and cover with the edges of the dough.
    • reshape the cookie using the palms of your hands and fingers.

Chocolate Orange cookies 008

Really great cookie to make and eat 🙂 .  Try it out and let me know.

Until tomorrow…




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