10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies Day 1

Day 1 – Guyanese Lime Cookies

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I have made these cookies several times (not just at Christmas time), but something about the lime and spices makes it very festive for me.

The combo is delicious and a little unconventional for Christmas so it is first on my list!  They are slightly soft with a little crunch around the edge and very easy to make.  To get the best punch and  flavour in these cookies use the freshest ingredients that you can.  Limes are very inexpensive this time of year (and I’m pretty far north) so you can’t beat that with a bat (I think I just dated myself :-).  Anyhow…

I used this recipe I found on AllRecipes.com.  You will see that it gives a time of 1 hr and 33 min to complete this recipe, in my opinion you would have to be really working slowly as it only took me 1 hour from beginning to end to complete making 4 dozen.

These cookies are egg free and can be made dairy free if you replace the butter with a good quality margarine (which is what I did, as we have dairy sensitive  people in my family, including me).  These are freezer friendly so pack em’ up and put them in the freezer!  Just don’t forget to take them out no less than 2 hours prior to serving them.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Until tomorrow…


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