10 Days of Easy Christmas Cookies

Christmas…CHRISTMAS!!  Yes people, it is just 26 days away! Craziness!  No worries though there is still plenty of time to make some simple, great tasting and impressive Christmas cookies!


Regardless of the title I will not be making batches of cookies until December 10th, no no, if that is what you prefer then by all means you can go that route (and if you are a newbie baker that might be the better way to go for you so you won’t be overwhelmed).   I can probably get in 2…maybe 3 different cookies in a day but I will only be posting them daily so please check each day to see what delectable delight I have made!!  “What will I do with all those cookies?”  You ask.  Check in with me daily until December 10th and I will show you which ones are freezer friendly and which ones you want to take to the office or give away to friends and family sooner rather than… you know.

I have invited my 10 year old daughter to help me in a big role this year (usually she just mixes or adds the ingredients) but I plan on making her an integral part of the whole process…stay tuned to see how this turns out, as important as she is to me she gets easily frustrated when things don’t go as planned so this may be an exercise in patience for the both of us!  Stay tuned for those details as well!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the featured cookie of the day…I like that.  Going forward they will be called the featured cookie for the day!  Nice!

See you tomorrow.



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